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What did I learn about myself?

I learned that when I have a fear of doing something I can really push my self to doing something that I don't think I can do, and I can succeed if I put my mind to it. I know I can do a lot of things that I don't think I can do, but if I put my mind into it then I can achieve it. When you hear of the words ''rock climbing'' you think to yourself, omg this is going to be scary and when you get to do it you think you’re not going to make it. When I first started climbing the first wall I thought I wasn't going to make it, but when I started to climb I got higher, and higher and the next thing you know, I made it to the top.

What did I learn about my advisory?
I learned that my advisory can be really helpful and help each other in succeeding and making success with the help of others. I like how close we are and how close we can be when it comes to activities like this. I love how we can trust each other in doing something and knowing that nothing bad is going to happen. I can trust my advisory because when I was climbing they didn't let me fall and if I did fall they would squeeze the rope so that I would just hang.

What are I taking back and what am I applying?
What I am taking back is the trust and the courage of doing something that I never thought I would do, and what I am applying is my trust that other people can take from me in knowing that I will be there for them I am glad we did this because it is a good experience and also it helps you get motivated and it makes you want to keep going to achieve what your doing and make it to the top. If we would go rock climbing again I would love to climb as much as I can. (:

okay so we went camping thursday, september  15th. first we went to stop and shop to buy all the things we needed to go camping and so we went inside the store and we kept asking lillie what we needed so that we can go looking for it. so she told us a few things that we needed and me and heidy went looking for those things, and we went like all over the store looking for a bottle of ketchup and we couldnt find it so i went and asked the girl in the cashier because we couldnt find it then she told us where it is so then we went to where it was then we realized that we pased it like 3 times when we went around the store. so we got what we needed then we went to go pay at the ''self-check-in'' cashier where you do everything yourself. i was the person checking everything and scanning it and isaiah was the one passing me the food so i can scan it. that was fun because i actually felt like i was working there. so then we finished and we packed everything and went to the van and headed out to ''irons homestead'' where we was going to camp at, ilovee how it was the same place we went last year in the beggining of the year. when we got there we went into the rooms and picked where we was going to sleep, then we went to the main area which was like the living room because gamble called us out. then he was explaining the rules and what we were going to use him for like ''a hay ride'' or ''the bom-fire''... so after he left we then stayed there for a few hours and then we just listened to music and stuff. that was fun then we needed to start cooking and stuff so lillie and sasha went into the kitchen and started cooking and the other people went into the rooms and were just talking and waiting till the food was done. i felt bad because i told lillie that i was going to help her cook and then i went to do something else but then sasha went and helped her so i was like okay she doesnt need my help. then the food was ready so we sat down to eat and we said our prayers and stuff. it was good and the food it self was very delicious. after we ate some of us cleaned up and did the dishes and stuff so then after we just chilled and then started taking showers and getting ready to go outside. we all went with hoodies and sweat pants. we went walking to the semetary and we studied the graves and stuff. after we got really cold and soken wet and we went back to the cabin. when we went back we took showers and got ready to watch movies and listen to music or what ever you wanted. the camping trip was another fun expierience. if we go again then it would be better and i think we would have more fun.
okay so we have one student this morning that his father past away today and gamble told us. we dont know what happend we just know that his father is no longer with him. it is sad to hear that someone that goes to your school looses his father that morning, because its depressing to know you lost a family member. i know how it feels to loose a family member because i lost my aunt a couple of years ago and it wasent good. i loved my aunt soooo much and i would've never thought she would pass away so fast like that. she passed away due to cancer in her lungs, she had that because she would always smoke so smoking is bad for your lungs and it stops your lungs from producing air because of all the smoke. she was having breathing problems and chest pain and she would still smoke. she died when i was like 8, and that time i lived in new york with my mom, brother and my dad. having someone in your family can be hard at times because you will always carry that in your heart. it must be hard loosing your dad tho because thats one of the closest thing you have from your family. i remember my mom told me that my dad tried killing himself also. he tried taking his life away because of my step mom. my step mom told him that she was going to take the kids away from him and bring them to mexico where all her family lives. the reason she told him that was because he would never pay attention to them and he was no help around them and stuff. i remember she also told me that he used to hit one of the kids and he would also hit her. so she said that she was gonnah take the kids to live over there and so he tried to kill him self with a knife. i cannot picture my self loosing my dad to something stupid like that. i really miss my dad and i want him back in my life. even tho we been thru soo much together, in arguements and stuff im still going to always love him no matter what!
on a scale from 1 to 10 i rate the advisory a: 8. the reason i rate the advisory a 8 is beause this year i know its going to be  good year. some people in the class are now taking their work serious and they are now realizing that we are no longer 9th graders, we are now 10th graders and things just got a little different already. we changed project areas to be with the other 10th graders and so far things are good. i say that this year is different because freshman year we had it easy because the work that they were giving us was easy and we understood it. this year is different because we are now going to start gateway year which is a big project that we have to do in order to pass 10th grade year. this project is not only on doing work but also gateway means the maturity level that your on and also how well you can handle your work. i think that some people in our advisory need some work to do before they get serious. they need to mature their level just a little bit and be serious about gateway year because in order to succeed you have to want it first. i feel like the advisory is not that close as before, the reason why i say that is because sometimes i feel like when somebody gets on your nerves one time, they hold a grudge on them for that reason. sometimes we have our arguments back and forth but we all know that at the end of the day we are a family. i'm really excited to going camping this year again. last time it was really fun and especially scary. because supposedly some people died on that campus so it makes it scary at night also because of the different animals that they have there too. i'm excited for what this year is going to bring to us.
okay so ihad an LTI that was called ''pastry gourmet'' and i liked that internship because it had to do with something i liked to bake and create different sweets. so i had a good expirience at the bakery besides the expireience with the manager. so basically i went there for a shadow day and i had fun and everything because baking was one of the things i liked to do. so when i was over there i was just helping around in anything they needed. thats where i met the manager's daughter and she was really nice and she was the one who was  leading me after her dad told me to go with her. with her i felt more comfotable because with her dad it felt like he was pushing me away all the time so i kinda just ignored him for a while but he kept doing it, so i just kept going in the kitchen where his daughter is, and he just kept doing what he was doing. i was kinda scared because i thought he was going to scream at me because i wasent where he was but i was just in the kitchen helping his daughter make cakes. i liked always being with her because she would teach me how to make flowers for the cakes and where the cakes go before they give them out. i liked the bakery but i didnt like it because of the manager when i called him to come back he said he doesnt want any met students so i found it rude and i never went back or never called back again.
on a scale from one to ten this week was a: 8 because im kinda feeling this week. we got to work already and i put in call request sheets for 5 places already. i put in for hair and nail salons and also animal hospitals, because i wanna do cosmotology and catherine wants to work in a animal hospital so we are going to hopefully get our internships together. for some reason im really excited for this year. ithink that alot is yet to come for us. im really excited to get a new internship and to try new things. im looking foward to meeting new faces. i reallyy hope everybody in the class gets an internship fast so that we can be the first ones out and we can represent the school. i think some people werent feeling this week but i think its gonnah be good for us. im looking foward to new projects and new things. i really hope i dont get a mean mentor this year because i really want to enjoy my internships with out any problems. i want a strong relationship with my mentor so i can have a strong project. im really excited to have my first exhibition because i think i am going to keep improving all the time, and also i think i am going to have strong projects. im looking foward to this week because im trying to do more work and i want to start this year strong. i wanna have a good year. i am going to try very hard to get all my work done in time. i think that this year gamble is going to have us do alot of gateway work. i thought that this week we werent going to get straight to work but i was wrong because we got straight to doing our journal entries and so far we have 3 this week and that is what gamble wants us to do, 3 journals per week. i think that gamble having us do 3 journal entries per week is good for our auto biography because it will be easier all we have to do is just go back to all our entries and put them together.
my first day of freshman year. thats where i met the gratest advisor in the whole school , and his name is RODNEY GAMBLE. ohhman i was very nervous to go to school becausee i didnt know anybody from there. when they told me about THE MET PEACE ST, i was like ''whats peace st?'' so then i went to open housee and i saw that the school was small and there was kinda alot of people so i was still nervous, and then i went inside and i sat on a table. then i saw a pretty girl sit at the same table as me, as so we started talking and her name was sashalee martinez. i then found out that her birthday was that same day august25. as ime went by we became very close , and we treated eachother as cousins, iLovee sashalee martinez. she's always been there for me ever since and im always gonnah be here for her too. any family problems or anythingg i can always come to sasha and she'll make me feel better with her words. sasha was the first friend i made on the first day of school. then as time goes by a little i met a new friend and her name was catherine pineda. how i met her was that she was a new student in our advisory and she was kinda shy, so then i was gamble talking to her and her mom and i went outside and saw her and said ''aww shes prettyy & iLove her hair'' from there we started talking more and more and next thing you know we are really close friends. me, sashalee, and catherine became really close and even catherine is always there for me. iLove those girls alot and i wouldnt trade my friendship with them for anything else in the world<3 iLove my advisory and we aree a family.........
my first journal 10th grade journal entry... okay so we started off this year on a good note, imma 10th grader & i know that this year it is going to be fun and i am excited to start as a 10th grader. what i am interested in doing this year is cosmetology & being a vet. i really want new expiriences & my goal this year is to get all my work donee & also to stay on task & to have some good exhibitions though out the whole school year. i realy think that this school year is going to go by kinda quick. my biggest fear is gateway becausee we have alot of work to do and also we have to meet all our expectations. i think as the year goes by we are going to learn many new things & expiriences also  and we are going to ebjoy being a 10th grader. im kinda more scared of 11th grade year beausee of NECAP testing but i know i will do good and i know i will pass the test. i hope this year goes good for all of us and i hope nothing but the best. im looking foward for more. (:
okay so i thought that Roberts exhibition was pretty good. i liked how he explained every little detail about his internship, also he is very smart and seems to love his internship. i like how he gets to learn and work with different animal creatures in the sea, and you can tell he is very interested in what hes doing. also i liked how he explained his QR part, and how he put in details step by step so that we wasn't  confused about anything. he is a very smart kid which i know he will go far in life. i wish him the best-of-luck =)
well, Isaiah's exhibition was interesting. he had us play with oil from the cars and they were: regular oil & synthetic oil and he told us the difference between both of them. after he just kept talking and we noticed that he didn't have all his work "mind you" he told us that he was gonna improve and get more work done, be serious and not fool around. but he did the opposite.but it was good overall.