today i got to school at like 8:15 and there was nobody that i knew from my advisory and i had to sit by myself at the table until breakfast came, but then i saw Jose and i started talking to him and we decided to go to the store because we were hungry and we didn't want to wait that long to get breakfast so we started to head outside and it was freezing so we were like walking faster and we finally got to the store and we went straight to the back where the juices are and we got a Snapple kiwi and strawberry and that's it so we paid and went back to school as fast as i could because it was cold and when we got to school we saw that breakfast was there and we went to go get breakfast, and when we went to go get a bagel but when i took out a bagel, they were frozen so i just left it there because i didn't want a frozen bagel even tho i was going to toast it, i still thought it was nasty so i just left it as it was. then i just got 2 granola bars and took my juice to my seat and just started to eat my granola bar. then i see that john is coming and he sits next to me and i say hi and he looks at me and says "what did you do for new years?" and i said i had fun (: and he says ohh man and he says that his new years was good too and we just stayed there, and then he looked down and said ''ohh shoot were matching cuz we got polo boots'' (: and I'm like yeah and we soon see Yalissa coming and its time to go inside and i say hi to her and we went inside and sat down and then Geo came and then Shabree came so it was me, Yalissa, john, Shabree & Geo nobody else. so gamble gave us a coverage sheet but i didn't need one because i was going on a shadow day. so it hit 10:00 and i needed to go to my shadow day but it wasn't really a shadow day it was more like an informational interview, so me, yalissa, and Geo went with gamble to the interview and we met the guy, he was really nice his name is AL and hes cool. as soon as we went inside he told us to sit down and he was talking to us about what he does and about what he is and how he started everything and it was fun because he showed us around. i enjoyed it.