okay so i don't have an LTI yet but i am making calls to other places and I'm trying my best to get one because i wouldn't want gamble to put me in any LTI and me not like it so I'm trying to look at places that i like. today i came to school and as soon as i got here i didn't see gamble so i just sat down and i waited for Rodney to come because he told me that he got places for me to call so i just waited. a few moments later i saw more people coming and then it was me, john, and Catherine and we were all on a computer listening to music until gamble got here then he came and he called us in the room and we sat down and he gave us each one 2 or 3 numbers to call for LTI opportunities so we wrote down the numbers and gamble told us to call after we come back from the rescue mission so we left and shianne came with us and we walked over there, as soon as we got there a guy told us to sit and wait for mat which was the main person we talk to that puts us in charge of what we need to do but i guess mat called the guy and he told us that we're all set and that we can go back to school and have gamble call mat. so that's what we did we walked back to school and then gamble told me and Catherine to roll with him to take delos for his shadow day so we went and the place was HUGE so we stepped inside and delos and gamble went into this room and me and Catherine waited outside this coffee making room and we smelled the coffee and it smelled so good but the girl said ''can i help you?'' and i said no we're just looking and she said okay so we looked around even tho the place was tiny but after we looked around we just walked out and we saw these little tables that were outside the place and we just sat there until gamble and delos came out so we were just talking and waiting and finally they came out and we started walking towards the door and i asked delos if he got the internship and he said yes and we got in the car and headed to heidy's LTI to get a BCI from her cousin which works there and we had to call Erica so that she can save us lunch because we was afraid that we weren't going to make it in time so i called the school and talked to someone and told them to save us lunch and we were all set. when we got to heidy's LTI they made us wait a little bit because they were busy with patients and doing paper work and we saw Heidy in her uniform working and she looked like a nurse (: after they were done doing a patients paper work she finally spoke to us and all we had to do was have her sign the paper so we can leave and go back to school. she signed it and we came back to school and ate lunch and then we just started working on journal entries and making calls and i got a shadow day on December 22 at 10:00 but i think that's kinda far from here so i will try my best to keep looking for more, but what i'm really looking for is an LTI at a hospital because i wanna focus mainly on my interest which is in the medical field i just really hope i get into a hospital and not somewhere else.