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the reason i come to school is because im fighting for my education. i really wanna get good grades and i want to graduate high school so that i can get my career going and i can be successful and go ahead and study pediatrics because when i graduate i wanna become a successful pediatrican. i know that right now everything is kinda hard because there are alot of people in rhode island that have no jobs and theres alot of people struggling because of that. there are also people that work in factories as their jobs that sometimes doesnt even pay them enough. my parents always told me that they want me to be successful when i get older. they say that i need to fight for my education and that what ever i want to be when i get older its worth fighting for. i told my parents that when i graduate high school i want to become a pediatrician and they always tell me to fight for it and to keep going with my education. i always say that i am going to tryy my best and my hardest to keep my word and keep going with my career and be what i wanna be. i really wanna be a pediatrician because i love working with kids and i love the medical feild as a career, i always pictured my self being a pediatrician because its something that i am passionate about and something i want to succeed in when i get older. i really dont wanna put my parents down so i will do my best to get where i wanna get. i know in life we are going to deal with struggles and obsticles along the way but guess what, those things make us stronger and make us have more expeirience in life so we can get a better perspective in what to do and what not to do. i really think that i can make it because if i keep trying and i work hard i can make it. so far i know that ive let my stress come in between my school work because i get distracted and i cannot concentrate because of thinking about all my problems and stuff. i know my mother always tells me to try to stay focused in school and to keep working hard because i cant give up now. i know what she says is true because i know that i didnt make it this far for nothing i am so far in the 10th grade and i have 2 more years until my high school career is over and i am not going to give up. i am going to keep fighting because i dont want to dissapoint nobody and i really dont want to dissapoint gamble. i know that i have people that believe in me and i know that i have to believe in my self and actually want to reach my goal so that i can make it very far in life. 5 or 6 years from now i see my self in a college in new york studying pediatrics and working hard. a quote i will always remember to help me get motivated into doing what i am doing is ''never give up, reach your goal and be successful and work hard because you never know where you'll end up. and i know i wont give up now that ive made it this far.
What a great entry Karina. You seem so driven to be a Pediatrician. It's what you've said since day one. I really hope we get you an opportunity to intern at a Pediatrician really soon. Karina you are a bit behind in your work but I know that you will pull it around. The fact that you came in on a day that you were sick just to get your work shows an amazing amount of dedication. Right now I noticed that you are in high gear to get your work done, stay there. As long as you keep it there, you will get to that 80% gateway expectation.