So I got to school at like 8:21 and as soon as I got here I went and sat don at the table and I saw a few people that I knew so I started to talk to them and I was waiting for other people to come or for gamble to come so he can open the door and we can go inside. After we got inside to the advisory and gamble has us sit down but we had to work independently until he can take me to my shadow day. then it finally came time for gamble to take me and i was kinda scared because gamble wasn't going to go in with me so that sucked. finally we got there and i was still scared but i went in and it was locked because he just finished training somebody so he opened it and i went inside and he was happy to see me. he told me to take my jacket off and hang it up so thats what i did, and i left my phone inside my jacket because i know that i didnt want to get distracted so i walked to him and we went to the back and there was a big bucket with water and he told me to take some cup that was there and fill it up with water and thats what i did and he got a little ladder and he started to water the plants that he has hanging up and everytime it was empty i went and got more water for him so he can finish watering the other plants that he had because he had alot. then we finished doing that and we even watered the plants that were in the room and there was a lady that came in and i said hi to her but she was actually one of the people that does massages in that place so we started talking and she was telling me the basics of massage therapy and how she all started and she was a pretty cool lady. then al told her to give him a massage because his neck was stiff and it hurt, so he went into the room and took off his clothes and went on the massage bed while she goes and washes her hands and while he does that she starts talking to me again. after a while she did him a massage and i watched and she finished and then she dropped me off at kp and i took the bus home and that was my day. i had fun tho(: