today was a boring day. everybody was tired, i know that i was really tired and all i wanted to do was sleep. when i came to school i saw jenny and i went up to her and i gave her a hug and i stayed with her because she was making sashas bagel and she was making her bagel too. after she was done we went to go sit down and more people started coming and i noticed how much i missed these people. omg and when we got in the advisory we were just talking a little bit and then gamble started to talk about what we need to do. so we took out our super calendars and we started to write down what we were going to do for that week. as soon as we finished writing down that stuff then me, isaiah and catherine had to go to our reading group. so we left the class and when we were going to walk in the library grahm walked out and told us to wait like 5min because carey wasent done with her other class yet, so what we did was that we sat down in the commons area and me and catherine were talking about our vacation and if we were going to go see that new movie that comes out on friday. then after carey called us in and everybody didnt go straight to work what we did was that we talked about how our vacation was and people got distracted and we didnt do work until like 30 min later and we finally got to work and what i did was that i told grahm to check my paper and to edit it. so thats what he did and after that was that we fixed it and then we started talking again until it was time to leave. then we went back to class and it was iwt so i started to do this journal entry. i had fun at the end of the day because it was the end of the day (: