today is really cold outside!!! i came walking to school like i come everyday. i got to school late tho because i got ready late and by the time i was doing my hair it was already like 9:00 and i tried to hurry up but i knew i was already going to be late because i had to walk to school because my mom goes to work early and my front door neighbor takes my little brother to school and i get stuck with walking to school, w.e so i finished and i got my stuff and i finally left the house and started walking to school. sometimes i get scared because providence is crazy, people are shooting other people and ism starting to now realize why my mom doesn't want me to go out like that shes scared for me too and i understand. i just kept walking with my headphones on and ignore the world. i hate walking to school because when i walk there's people that always honk the horn at me and smile like men that are in there 30's THAT'S GROSS! some men have NO respect these days. i just keep walking and i don't look back and i just mind my own business my mom always told me that i should always walk on broad st and go to where the st. Joseph hospital is and go from there because she doesn't want me to go cutting through streets because its dangerous and its true you never know what can happen. i finally got to school and i was happy because i was tired of walking so as soon as i walked in i saw yalissa and Catherine and i said hi to them and i said hi to gamble and i sat down and started talking to them, when i got to school it was like 9:30 but i stayed there a little and started listening to music and then gamble said that me and yalissa are going with him to Catherine shadow day so we went and as soon as we got there we saw a lady and gamble started talking to him about Catherine and she looked at her planner and noticed that Catherine's shadow day is next week not today so we basically went over there for no reason_- we came back to school and gamble gave us assignments to work on and i completed them by listening to music (: that's how i can work best.