i really like this poem, i did this poem at my exhibition and i had everybody close there eyes and relax and i read them this:

(your dimension of greatness)

no one can know the potential,
of a life that is commited to win;
with courage the challenge it faces,
to achieve great success in the end!

so explore the dimension of greatness,
and believe that the world can be won;
by a mind that is fully commited,
knowing the task can be done!

your world has no place for the skeptic,
no room for the doubter to stand;
to weaken your firm resolution
that you can excel in this land!

we must have vision to see our potential,
and faith to believe that we can;
then courage to act with conviction,
to become what god meant us to be!

so, possess the strength and the courage,
to conquer whatever you choose;
its the person who never gets started,
that is destined forever to lose <3