Today me & 11 other students and Mr. Eddie went to Kent hospital and we got a tour of the whole building. At first when we got there we had to wait for the lady that was going to give us the tour and we had to wait in the entrance sitting on the couches. There was people going in and out of the hospital and some of them were even looking at us and were probably wondering what we were doing there but we just stayed seated. Then finally the women came and she greeted us and she started talking about the hospital & then she said that she was going to first give us a tour of the outside part of the hospital. So we went outside again but it was cold :'/ what ever so she had us walk like around the hospital and she told us that the building that they were making another part of the building next door & that it will probably be done in less than a year. So she tool us to see a memorable of the hospital where people died & they buy a stone & have their names put on it and they put it on a big wall outside & on the ground as well. I was getting real annoyed because while she was talking there was like 3 bees that kept following us & that kept trying to sting us , mind you I'm scared of bees & any other insects like I really don't do bugs_- but anyways back to my wonderful day, after she was done with the tour of outside, we went inside and she started telling us how we have to be quiet because its a hospital and there are patients being treated in the hospital and the whole time I was like "umm I think we know that" but I kept it to myself. so then we finally kept on moving and we went on the elevator to different floors and she showed us a new born baby and it was so cute, it was a boy and they were holding it up on the window so that we can see it. it was so tiny and it was crying. i love babies and that's one of the reasons i will become a pediatrician. then the tour just kept on so she kept walking and talking at the same time, then at one point i was in the front with her and i asked her ''whats the worst accident you've had so far and she said when there was a fire in the building and they had to get everybody out and then we just kept walking and then we went into some locked up room and the security had to come and open it from how good it was locked up and when he opened it some of us went inside and some of us stayed out because they were scared. i was one of the people that went inside and when we went inside the lady showed us the freezer where they keep the dead bodies at and she opened one but the one she opened was empty but the one on top of that had a dead body in it and the reason we knew it had a body in it was because it had a tag on the handle. after we opened another door and she showed us the room where they do the operations in it and where they take out the organs and the insides. i thought it was nasty because i was just thinking about it but then we left there and we kept walking. she also showed us the basement and then we took the elevator up stairs and then she said we were going to have lunch and so she each gave us a little card that looks like a business card and we had to put our names on it and then we went into the cafeteria and we had to get our food that cost 6dollars or less so what i got was chicken tenders with french fries and a drink. we sat on the table and we started  eating and after we finished we had to thank her and say goodbye and we left back to school. we had a good day(: