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omg so i love this place. as soon as i got to the place i was scared that i wasnt going to love it. but when i got there i felt like i was at home, i felt so welcomed it was cool. i said hi to shawna which is erica's hair dresser, and i sat down in a chair. then erica left and i said bye to her, when she left shawna just had me look at some albums that she had of the people she did their hair before,  while she did some other clients hair. i just kept looking at the albums and they were really interesting and the makeup too. i really liked the pictures and the designs they did on the models hair. when i was finished looking at the books i just stayed sitting down and looking at shawna do the clients hair but it was interesting to see because the way she was doing her hair with such a passion and she was in a really good mood. then as i watched her do somebody's hair i saw that there was another hair stylist that came in and she was asian and tall and she had really nice hair and she was pretty. when she came in she said hi to us and she was really nice and she started asking me questions and talking to me like if she knew me for a long time. after that she just sat in a chair and she started to
Karina Castillo,

Where are the rest of your entries? You are really falling behind and I need to make sure that you can catch up. I would like for you to continue spending your iwt working next to me. I think that will help you stay focused.

So as I am typing this entry, I know that you are at Kent. I can't wait to hear how it went at Kent. I am hoping that you like it there.