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my day so far has been pretty good... i got things done and was on task. i got to search for a journal entry and i found and internship that i think is going to be interesting. jenny actually found the internship and we started to research about the place and it seemed interesting so we decided to pick the place and to do it together. im actually excited about this internship 

So I got to school at like 8:21 and as soon as I got here I went and sat don at the table and I saw a few people that I knew so I started to talk to them and I was waiting for other people to come or for gamble to come so he can open the door and we can go inside. After we got inside to the advisory and gamble has us sit down but we had to work independently until he can take me to my shadow day. then it finally came time for gamble to take me and i was kinda scared because gamble wasn't going to go in with me so that sucked. finally we got there and i was still scared but i went in and it was locked because he just finished training somebody so he opened it and i went inside and he was happy to see me. he told me to take my jacket off and hang it up so thats what i did, and i left my phone inside my jacket because i know that i didnt want to get distracted so i walked to him and we went to the back and there was a big bucket with water and he told me to take some cup that was there and fill it up with water and thats what i did and he got a little ladder and he started to water the plants that he has hanging up and everytime it was empty i went and got more water for him so he can finish watering the other plants that he had because he had alot. then we finished doing that and we even watered the plants that were in the room and there was a lady that came in and i said hi to her but she was actually one of the people that does massages in that place so we started talking and she was telling me the basics of massage therapy and how she all started and she was a pretty cool lady. then al told her to give him a massage because his neck was stiff and it hurt, so he went into the room and took off his clothes and went on the massage bed while she goes and washes her hands and while he does that she starts talking to me again. after a while she did him a massage and i watched and she finished and then she dropped me off at kp and i took the bus home and that was my day. i had fun tho(:

today was a boring day. everybody was tired, i know that i was really tired and all i wanted to do was sleep. when i came to school i saw jenny and i went up to her and i gave her a hug and i stayed with her because she was making sashas bagel and she was making her bagel too. after she was done we went to go sit down and more people started coming and i noticed how much i missed these people. omg and when we got in the advisory we were just talking a little bit and then gamble started to talk about what we need to do. so we took out our super calendars and we started to write down what we were going to do for that week. as soon as we finished writing down that stuff then me, isaiah and catherine had to go to our reading group. so we left the class and when we were going to walk in the library grahm walked out and told us to wait like 5min because carey wasent done with her other class yet, so what we did was that we sat down in the commons area and me and catherine were talking about our vacation and if we were going to go see that new movie that comes out on friday. then after carey called us in and everybody didnt go straight to work what we did was that we talked about how our vacation was and people got distracted and we didnt do work until like 30 min later and we finally got to work and what i did was that i told grahm to check my paper and to edit it. so thats what he did and after that was that we fixed it and then we started talking again until it was time to leave. then we went back to class and it was iwt so i started to do this journal entry. i had fun at the end of the day because it was the end of the day (:
today i got to school at like 8:15 and there was nobody that i knew from my advisory and i had to sit by myself at the table until breakfast came, but then i saw Jose and i started talking to him and we decided to go to the store because we were hungry and we didn't want to wait that long to get breakfast so we started to head outside and it was freezing so we were like walking faster and we finally got to the store and we went straight to the back where the juices are and we got a Snapple kiwi and strawberry and that's it so we paid and went back to school as fast as i could because it was cold and when we got to school we saw that breakfast was there and we went to go get breakfast, and when we went to go get a bagel but when i took out a bagel, they were frozen so i just left it there because i didn't want a frozen bagel even tho i was going to toast it, i still thought it was nasty so i just left it as it was. then i just got 2 granola bars and took my juice to my seat and just started to eat my granola bar. then i see that john is coming and he sits next to me and i say hi and he looks at me and says "what did you do for new years?" and i said i had fun (: and he says ohh man and he says that his new years was good too and we just stayed there, and then he looked down and said ''ohh shoot were matching cuz we got polo boots'' (: and I'm like yeah and we soon see Yalissa coming and its time to go inside and i say hi to her and we went inside and sat down and then Geo came and then Shabree came so it was me, Yalissa, john, Shabree & Geo nobody else. so gamble gave us a coverage sheet but i didn't need one because i was going on a shadow day. so it hit 10:00 and i needed to go to my shadow day but it wasn't really a shadow day it was more like an informational interview, so me, yalissa, and Geo went with gamble to the interview and we met the guy, he was really nice his name is AL and hes cool. as soon as we went inside he told us to sit down and he was talking to us about what he does and about what he is and how he started everything and it was fun because he showed us around. i enjoyed it.
today is really cold outside!!! i came walking to school like i come everyday. i got to school late tho because i got ready late and by the time i was doing my hair it was already like 9:00 and i tried to hurry up but i knew i was already going to be late because i had to walk to school because my mom goes to work early and my front door neighbor takes my little brother to school and i get stuck with walking to school, w.e so i finished and i got my stuff and i finally left the house and started walking to school. sometimes i get scared because providence is crazy, people are shooting other people and ism starting to now realize why my mom doesn't want me to go out like that shes scared for me too and i understand. i just kept walking with my headphones on and ignore the world. i hate walking to school because when i walk there's people that always honk the horn at me and smile like men that are in there 30's THAT'S GROSS! some men have NO respect these days. i just keep walking and i don't look back and i just mind my own business my mom always told me that i should always walk on broad st and go to where the st. Joseph hospital is and go from there because she doesn't want me to go cutting through streets because its dangerous and its true you never know what can happen. i finally got to school and i was happy because i was tired of walking so as soon as i walked in i saw yalissa and Catherine and i said hi to them and i said hi to gamble and i sat down and started talking to them, when i got to school it was like 9:30 but i stayed there a little and started listening to music and then gamble said that me and yalissa are going with him to Catherine shadow day so we went and as soon as we got there we saw a lady and gamble started talking to him about Catherine and she looked at her planner and noticed that Catherine's shadow day is next week not today so we basically went over there for no reason_- we came back to school and gamble gave us assignments to work on and i completed them by listening to music (: that's how i can work best.
okay so i don't have an LTI yet but i am making calls to other places and I'm trying my best to get one because i wouldn't want gamble to put me in any LTI and me not like it so I'm trying to look at places that i like. today i came to school and as soon as i got here i didn't see gamble so i just sat down and i waited for Rodney to come because he told me that he got places for me to call so i just waited. a few moments later i saw more people coming and then it was me, john, and Catherine and we were all on a computer listening to music until gamble got here then he came and he called us in the room and we sat down and he gave us each one 2 or 3 numbers to call for LTI opportunities so we wrote down the numbers and gamble told us to call after we come back from the rescue mission so we left and shianne came with us and we walked over there, as soon as we got there a guy told us to sit and wait for mat which was the main person we talk to that puts us in charge of what we need to do but i guess mat called the guy and he told us that we're all set and that we can go back to school and have gamble call mat. so that's what we did we walked back to school and then gamble told me and Catherine to roll with him to take delos for his shadow day so we went and the place was HUGE so we stepped inside and delos and gamble went into this room and me and Catherine waited outside this coffee making room and we smelled the coffee and it smelled so good but the girl said ''can i help you?'' and i said no we're just looking and she said okay so we looked around even tho the place was tiny but after we looked around we just walked out and we saw these little tables that were outside the place and we just sat there until gamble and delos came out so we were just talking and waiting and finally they came out and we started walking towards the door and i asked delos if he got the internship and he said yes and we got in the car and headed to heidy's LTI to get a BCI from her cousin which works there and we had to call Erica so that she can save us lunch because we was afraid that we weren't going to make it in time so i called the school and talked to someone and told them to save us lunch and we were all set. when we got to heidy's LTI they made us wait a little bit because they were busy with patients and doing paper work and we saw Heidy in her uniform working and she looked like a nurse (: after they were done doing a patients paper work she finally spoke to us and all we had to do was have her sign the paper so we can leave and go back to school. she signed it and we came back to school and ate lunch and then we just started working on journal entries and making calls and i got a shadow day on December 22 at 10:00 but i think that's kinda far from here so i will try my best to keep looking for more, but what i'm really looking for is an LTI at a hospital because i wanna focus mainly on my interest which is in the medical field i just really hope i get into a hospital and not somewhere else.
i really like this poem, i did this poem at my exhibition and i had everybody close there eyes and relax and i read them this:

(your dimension of greatness)

no one can know the potential,
of a life that is commited to win;
with courage the challenge it faces,
to achieve great success in the end!

so explore the dimension of greatness,
and believe that the world can be won;
by a mind that is fully commited,
knowing the task can be done!

your world has no place for the skeptic,
no room for the doubter to stand;
to weaken your firm resolution
that you can excel in this land!

we must have vision to see our potential,
and faith to believe that we can;
then courage to act with conviction,
to become what god meant us to be!

so, possess the strength and the courage,
to conquer whatever you choose;
its the person who never gets started,
that is destined forever to lose <3
the reason i come to school is because im fighting for my education. i really wanna get good grades and i want to graduate high school so that i can get my career going and i can be successful and go ahead and study pediatrics because when i graduate i wanna become a successful pediatrican. i know that right now everything is kinda hard because there are alot of people in rhode island that have no jobs and theres alot of people struggling because of that. there are also people that work in factories as their jobs that sometimes doesnt even pay them enough. my parents always told me that they want me to be successful when i get older. they say that i need to fight for my education and that what ever i want to be when i get older its worth fighting for. i told my parents that when i graduate high school i want to become a pediatrician and they always tell me to fight for it and to keep going with my education. i always say that i am going to tryy my best and my hardest to keep my word and keep going with my career and be what i wanna be. i really wanna be a pediatrician because i love working with kids and i love the medical feild as a career, i always pictured my self being a pediatrician because its something that i am passionate about and something i want to succeed in when i get older. i really dont wanna put my parents down so i will do my best to get where i wanna get. i know in life we are going to deal with struggles and obsticles along the way but guess what, those things make us stronger and make us have more expeirience in life so we can get a better perspective in what to do and what not to do. i really think that i can make it because if i keep trying and i work hard i can make it. so far i know that ive let my stress come in between my school work because i get distracted and i cannot concentrate because of thinking about all my problems and stuff. i know my mother always tells me to try to stay focused in school and to keep working hard because i cant give up now. i know what she says is true because i know that i didnt make it this far for nothing i am so far in the 10th grade and i have 2 more years until my high school career is over and i am not going to give up. i am going to keep fighting because i dont want to dissapoint nobody and i really dont want to dissapoint gamble. i know that i have people that believe in me and i know that i have to believe in my self and actually want to reach my goal so that i can make it very far in life. 5 or 6 years from now i see my self in a college in new york studying pediatrics and working hard. a quote i will always remember to help me get motivated into doing what i am doing is ''never give up, reach your goal and be successful and work hard because you never know where you'll end up. and i know i wont give up now that ive made it this far.
Today me & 11 other students and Mr. Eddie went to Kent hospital and we got a tour of the whole building. At first when we got there we had to wait for the lady that was going to give us the tour and we had to wait in the entrance sitting on the couches. There was people going in and out of the hospital and some of them were even looking at us and were probably wondering what we were doing there but we just stayed seated. Then finally the women came and she greeted us and she started talking about the hospital & then she said that she was going to first give us a tour of the outside part of the hospital. So we went outside again but it was cold :'/ what ever so she had us walk like around the hospital and she told us that the building that they were making another part of the building next door & that it will probably be done in less than a year. So she tool us to see a memorable of the hospital where people died & they buy a stone & have their names put on it and they put it on a big wall outside & on the ground as well. I was getting real annoyed because while she was talking there was like 3 bees that kept following us & that kept trying to sting us , mind you I'm scared of bees & any other insects like I really don't do bugs_- but anyways back to my wonderful day, after she was done with the tour of outside, we went inside and she started telling us how we have to be quiet because its a hospital and there are patients being treated in the hospital and the whole time I was like "umm I think we know that" but I kept it to myself. so then we finally kept on moving and we went on the elevator to different floors and she showed us a new born baby and it was so cute, it was a boy and they were holding it up on the window so that we can see it. it was so tiny and it was crying. i love babies and that's one of the reasons i will become a pediatrician. then the tour just kept on so she kept walking and talking at the same time, then at one point i was in the front with her and i asked her ''whats the worst accident you've had so far and she said when there was a fire in the building and they had to get everybody out and then we just kept walking and then we went into some locked up room and the security had to come and open it from how good it was locked up and when he opened it some of us went inside and some of us stayed out because they were scared. i was one of the people that went inside and when we went inside the lady showed us the freezer where they keep the dead bodies at and she opened one but the one she opened was empty but the one on top of that had a dead body in it and the reason we knew it had a body in it was because it had a tag on the handle. after we opened another door and she showed us the room where they do the operations in it and where they take out the organs and the insides. i thought it was nasty because i was just thinking about it but then we left there and we kept walking. she also showed us the basement and then we took the elevator up stairs and then she said we were going to have lunch and so she each gave us a little card that looks like a business card and we had to put our names on it and then we went into the cafeteria and we had to get our food that cost 6dollars or less so what i got was chicken tenders with french fries and a drink. we sat on the table and we started  eating and after we finished we had to thank her and say goodbye and we left back to school. we had a good day(:
omg so i love this place. as soon as i got to the place i was scared that i wasnt going to love it. but when i got there i felt like i was at home, i felt so welcomed it was cool. i said hi to shawna which is erica's hair dresser, and i sat down in a chair. then erica left and i said bye to her, when she left shawna just had me look at some albums that she had of the people she did their hair before,  while she did some other clients hair. i just kept looking at the albums and they were really interesting and the makeup too. i really liked the pictures and the designs they did on the models hair. when i was finished looking at the books i just stayed sitting down and looking at shawna do the clients hair but it was interesting to see because the way she was doing her hair with such a passion and she was in a really good mood. then as i watched her do somebody's hair i saw that there was another hair stylist that came in and she was asian and tall and she had really nice hair and she was pretty. when she came in she said hi to us and she was really nice and she started asking me questions and talking to me like if she knew me for a long time. after that she just sat in a chair and she started to